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ATN Mars Night Vision Scope

ATN Mars Night Vision Scope

The ATN Mars night vision scope was named after the Roman god of war, and for good reason. These night vision scopes meet or exceed currently military standards for light transmission, clarity, and resolution. Lenses are individually fitted to ensure flawless operation in even the toughest of conditions.

Mars night vision scopes are available in either 4x or 6x magnification. Both models feature heavy multi-coated glass, the ATN Riflescopes Mounting System (ARMS), infrared illuminator (total darkness IR system), and Generation 2/3/4 night vision. Both models feature illuminated reticles and .125 MOA per click windage and elevation adjustments.

ATN Mars Applications

Like most night vision capable optics, the suitable applications and effective range of any ATN Mars night vision scope is going to depend on the model and generation of night vision electronics.

The following models of ATN Mars night vision scopes are designed for security, surveillance, hunting, and tactical shooting up to 200 yards:

  • ATN Mars CGT (Custom Grade Tubes/Improved Generation 2)
  • ATN Mars HPT (High Performance Tubes/Improved CGT)
  • ATN Mars WPT (White Phosphor Technology)

For better image clarity and resolution and an effective range of over 300 yards, consider the following ATN Mars night vision scopes:

  • ATN Mars 3 (Generation 3 night vision)
  • ATN Mars 3A (Slightly improved Generation 3 night vision)
  • ATN Mars 3P (Generation 3 with Pinnacle image intensifier tubes)
  • ATN Mars 4 (Generation 4 night vision)

ATN Mars Product Manuals

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