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ATN Day and Night Weapon Systems

ATN Day/Night Weapon Systems

If you already have a high power rifle scope on your favorite rifle, it can be a difficult decision to change a perfect setup in hopes that a new night vision scope will offer the same capability in both day and night situations.

ATN has recognized this problem and offers a solution. The ATN Day/Night Weapon Sight is a night vision capable optic that compliments your existing daytime rifle scope. The ATN PS22 or ATN PS40 day/night weapon system mounts directly in front of the rifle scope. The existing scope does not need to be adjusted or rezeroed and there is no change in eye relief. All the features of your scope are available, with the added benefit of night vision on demand.

How does it work? The ATN PS22 and ATN PS40 Day/Night Weapon Sights come in several different configurations for multiple applications. The common traits are the image intensifier tubes that give these sights night vision capability, and a catadioptic front lens (combining reflection and refraction) to save weight. Like most other high end optics, the lenses have multiple coatings to protect the unit from dirt and water.

Quick release mounts are available, as well as adapters for popular brands of rifle scopes. What mounting system do I need for my scope?

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