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Atlas Bipods from B&T Industries

Atlas Bipods from B&T Industries

Atlas Bipods from B&T Industries belong to a league of their own. They are crafted of the finest materials and manufactured to the highest standards in the US. Highlights of the Atlas Bipod range consist of bipod legs that are capable of moving without external help. The legs can be set in a 45 degree position forwards or backwards, in the conventional 90 degree position, facing directly to the front or back. This allows them to lock firmly into 5 positions via 180 degree arc, with 30 total degrees left to right Pan as well as 30 total degrees of Cant. This in turn lets the hunter or shooter align his cross hairs on the target with effortlessness, irrespective of the terrain he is shooting in.

Atlas Bipods bring together these important features to serve as a popular accessory for hunting and shooting experts. The bipods are exceptionally strong and sturdy, and offer all the stability and support that is required while shooting. They tip on the scales at less than 11 ounces, and are quite convenient to set up.

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