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Armalite Rifles

Armalite Rifles

Armalite is hailed as the brand that originated the ‘AR’ design owing to its AR-10 and AR-15 platforms. It started with the Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) and has been in the firearms industry for over six decades. It works hard to make sure each and every Armalite Rifle stands out from the crowd with its performance and reliability in all law enforcement, military and civilian duties. With a mission to produce and promote top quality small arms and associated products, Armalite continues to manufacture best quality Armalite Rifles, firearm parts and accessories along with machined products for different markets across the world.

The Armalite Rifles lineup is divided into categories such as Armalite AR-10 Rifles, Armalite AR-15 Rifles, Armalite AR-30 Rifles, Armalite AR-31 Rifles and Armalite AR-50 Rifles.

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