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The AR-50 Rifle series is the other name for accurate, rugged and highly refined single shot bolt-action target and sniper rifles produced by Armalite. It comes with a set of important features and unique stock interface system to maintain superiority over its competition. The bigger caliber firearm takes advantage of its weight and a big, fluted muzzle brake to gently bring down recoil. Each of the Armalite AR-50 Rifles has a barrel that is free-floated above the forend, and thick and rigid to prevent it from flexing. The rifle’s receiver is bedded to the V-shaped stock and has a unique octagonal design to toughen up against flexing. Also in the offing is a three piece stock that is made of aluminum. This is in turn is equipped with an extruded forend, and a skeleton butt stock with a butt plate that is not only removable but also vertically adjustable.

The Armalite AR-50 is produced by the American small arms engineering company in various configurations. The list is inclusive of the Armalite AR-50A1B that is chambered for standard .50 BMG, the Armalite AR50-A1BNM that is chambered for .50 BMG match grade ammunition and the Armalite AR50-A1B-416 that is chambered for .416 Barrett.

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