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Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Slings are especially made for hunters, shooters and other rifle scope owners. Apt for being used as a patrol or assault sling, they are highly versatile, useful and functional. Armageddon Rifle Slings support at the time of firing from alternate positions, and let the shooter sling in to a sling-supported position and also unsling from that position in a fast and simple way. In other words, the accessories simplify the job at hand and help users carry the firearm (along with other equipments) in a hassle-free manner in the field or at the range.

The list of Armageddon Rifle Slings for sale is inclusive of the Armageddon Gear hooks, sniper tripod slings, convertible carbine slings, rifle sling swivels, single point carbine slings, Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Slings Coyote Brown AG0103-CB and more. For maximum usability, these are available with a number of attachment methods such as QD swivels, AI Hooks and universal webbing tails to route through the loops on the firearm’s stock or through the user’s favored swivel type.

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