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Anschutz Rifles

Anschutz Rifles

Anschutz has been making rimfire rifles that offer incredible accuracy and unprecedented performance, and its Rifles are regarded as one of the best 22 Rifles ever made. Years of competition background and superior quality have added to the brand’s popularity. Anschutz Rifles are used by several Olympic biathletes, hunters and target shooters due to their outstanding precision action layouts, lightweight triggers and target grade components. Available Anschutz 22 Rifle models consist of:

Anschutz 1416 Rifle

Attributes of this rifle consist of one stage or double set trigger, heavy match grade barrel, threaded barrel and folding leaf sights. The option of choosing traditional European hunting stock or beavertail target stock is available. The receiver is drilled as well as tapped for scope mounts, and the trigger pull averages 2.5 lbs.

Anschutz 1516 Rifle

This rifle is available in .22 WMR. It flaunts a classic walnut stock, five shot magazine and folding leaf sights. The receiver is drilled as well as tapped for scope mounts.

Anschutz 1710 Rifle

This weapon serves as the hunting rifle. It is available with the option of Monte Carlo walnut stock or classic walnut stock with engraved trigger guard.

Anschutz 1712 Rifle

This rifle is made for applications like hunting or target shooting. It is rendered complete by a comfortable Monte Carlo stock, cam cocking bolt, recessed bolt face and the option of two stage trigger and single stage trigger. It comes with the same precision barrel as other Anschutz 22 Rifles. The receiver is drilled as well as tapped for scope mounts.

Anschutz 64 Rifle
This multi-purpose rifle is equipped with features like beavertail target stock, two stage match trigger and a heavy

match barrel. The receiver drilled as well as tapped for scope mounts.

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Anschutz 2011-2012 Product Catalog Anschutz 2011-2012 Product Catalog Anschutz-1416-Manual Anschutz 1516 Manual Anschutz-1770-Manual Anschutz 1770 Manual
Anschutz-1416-Manual Anschutz 1416 Manual Anschutz-1700-Manual Anschutz 1710 Manual Anschutz-64P-Manual Anschutz 64 Manual

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