APA Tru-Loc 30mm Scope Ring Height .856 TLR30856


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When a sturdy, reliable mounting system is required without adding substantial weight, APA rings are the answer. Machined with hard anodized black aluminum bodies and titanium beta series crossbolts and jaws. This combination provides exceptional strength.

Choosing the correct ring height should be determined by using the shortest height that allows for scope clearance. Other factors that should be considered are bolt lift, eye level, and barrel.

APA's patented Tru-Loc scope rings are built to higher standards than any other scope rings on the market to date. Our rings go through a quality control process that eliminates any ring that has .0005 of runout or cant. The relationship between the bottom of the ring to the center bore where the scope sits is hyper critical to us. We hold this tolerance for two reasons. First we have no "matched sets". Each individual ring matches perfectly to any other ring of it's size. This allows your optic to be mounted into a completely stress free platform regardless of the orientation of the rings. Second is the ability of these rings to return to zero after being removed from a rifle. Our design is not torque sensitive and will return to zero whether tightened at 10" pounds or 40" pounds. If your base is slightly out of spec our rings adjust themselves and self center as you tighten them down. You'll also notice that we don't have "sizes". Our rings are listed as center height from the bottom of the ring to the center of your optic. This means no more guessing games when it comes to what size you have for future reference when deciding what your next set will be. There are many reasons why all of this is an advantage.

Available APA Tru-Loc 30mm Scope Rings


Weight:3.8 - 4.4 oz
ModelAPA Tru-Loc
Scope Tube Size / Mount30mm
Optical Centerline.856 inch
Screw4 & 4
Finish:Matte Black
Item Condition:New
StyleRing with Screw
Product TypeShop All Scope Rings
BrandShop All American Precision Arms
Date First AvailableMarch 12, 2014
Last UpdatedOctober 26, 2023

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