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Trijicon ACOG & RMR Combo

Trijicon ACOG & RMR Combo

If you are thinking what is so great about Trijicon ACOG/RMR Combos, well then, have a look at the following and you’d be compelled to think otherwise. The Trijicon ACOG/RMR Combos bring the best of both worlds to begin with. Not only do they bring on board the versatility, fidelity and clear magnification of the self-illuminated Trijicon ACOG scopes. But also the close quarter swift aiming and fire control capability that Trijicon’s RMR red dot sights are known for. To add more, they allow the marksman to immediately acquire and stay focused on target from 8 feet to 800 meters.

The Trijicon ACOG & RMR combos are synonymous with enhanced accuracy and ideal for medium to long distance engagements. Also, they’re highly suitable for the use of military, competition and law enforcement shooters.

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