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Accuracy International AXMC Rifles

Accuracy International AXMC Rifles

The Accuracy International AXMC is a long range sniper system that can be configured as per the needs of the user. It is mission adaptable and boasts of advanced technology. Accuracy International AX MC (Multi Caliber) Rifles re-endorse the brand’s extensive lineup of battle proven features. They supplement military, law enforcement and civilian shooters with attributes like accuracy, strength, dependability and uncompromised quality. Machined from solid steel, a flat bottomed action that is epoxy bonded and bolted to a combat tested chassis (also from Accuracy International) lends character to the AXMC rifles. The action is bolted with screws and permanently bonded with epoxy to a full length aluminum receiver that connects all the rifle's components, to make the rifle accurate even at over a mile away.

Accuracy International AXMC belongs to the Accuracy International Rifles AX Series that is in turn is inspired by the AW series. The latter is a full width machined firearm in recoil lug that completely arrests movement and makes sure zero is maintained throughout rugged conditions. The AW can be configured in .300 winmag, .308 win, .308 suppressed calibers and other ways.

Taking its predecessor a step ahead, the AX series is next-gen .308 win and .338 lapmag caliber bolt action rifles, equipped with a magnum action that has the traditional AI AW layout. The rifles are but longer to accommodate more compact magazine with 10 round capacity. In addition to that, the AX series also comes with a new external stock layout (pistol or thumbhole grip), and a multifaceted forend rail system. The Accuracy International rifles are hand built and especially crafted for highest shooting comfort and lowest recoil.


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