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Surgeon Rifles

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Surgeon Rifles was founded in the year 2004 by Preston Pritchett, a seasoned machinist and gun expert. His unassuming endeavor with his friends and fellow shooters’ input has now turned into a world renowned manufacturing house with high-tech manufacturing facility that builds top of the line precision bolt-action rifles and actions along with other accessories. The product lineup is inclusive of the Strategic Armory Corps, Armalite, AWC, Nexus and McMillan series.

Surgeon Rifles has a record of winning the first place in 9 out of the Precision Rifle Series 15-event competition. This competition was held in 11 states, in 2012, and spanned over a period of one year, with top 150 competitive shooters. Each Surgeon Rifle is CNC machined and built to perfection to cater to the requirements of military units, law enforcement agencies, and individual customers. The Surgeon rifles are extensively used by top-ranked shooters and in competitive contests to gain the winning edge. Each Surgeon Rifle stands out from the crowd due to its surgical precision and proven records in various applications. To add more, the brand’s legacy of precision, quality and longevity continues to grow stronger with every passing day.

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