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Stoeger 3500


Newly introduced in 2012, the Stoeger 3500 offers outstanding performance, power and reliability. Chambered in the massive 3 ½ 12 gauge magnum, this semiautomatic shotgun is an economical option for hunters. Perfectly suited for the goose blind, turkey blind or the upland field, the Stoeger Model 3500 can handle all shells from 2 ¼ up to the 3 ½ magnum with no user modification needed…simply mix any shell in the magazine and the gun will function perfectly. With a strong linkage to the Benelli line of shotguns, the Stoeger M3500 utilizes the Inertia Drive system of operation which has been proven in thousands of shotgun on the market and widely acknowledged as an outstanding engineering design. This action type results in a cleaner functioning gun allow the shooter more time in the blind and less time spent cleaning the shotgun. The Model 3500 comes with various barrel lengths, a ventilated rib, and light gathering fiber optic sights and is supplied with five choke tubes. The stock can be adjusted to suit the user via a shim kit that is supplied. A recoil reducer is included to mitigate the heavy recoil of the 31/2 magnum loads.

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