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Springfield XD

Springfield XD Pistols have set the standard for polymer pistols, in terms of ergonomic design/ comfort, operational ease, attributes and performance. They have redefined the experience of a polymer pistol for new shooters as well as seasoned pros. The series comes with the same grip angle as John Moses Browning’s proven 1911, whether it is a Full Size, Compact or Sub-Compact variant. It nestles perfectly in the user’s hand, and points effortlessly and naturally to help acquire the target. The lineup of XD pistols has standard grip safety to keep the pistol from firing until the shooter’s grasp is firm, and Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) Action Trigger System which prevents the trigger from accidentally or unintentionally moving in a rearward direction. It is also equipped with standard accessory rail for flexibility to mount a light, laser or other accessory; ambidextrous magazine release for right-handers and lefties; high polish stainless steel magazines; fully supported ramped barrel; and rugged Melonite or stainless steel finish.

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