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Springfield XD Mod.2

Springfield XD Mod.2 is a refined version of the classic XD pistol to introduce the next level in the evolution of the polymer framed pistol. While the important attributes of the design are tweaked and elevated to emphasize effortless shooting, the popular ‘Point and Shoot’ characteristics of the XD have been retained to help users discover the ease with which they can acquire the target.

The XD Mod.2 is more concealable as an overall package, and comes with a fine-tuned design, improved ergonomics, completely upgraded interface between the shooter and the gun, new grip texture in the form of the GripZone, High-Hand grip relief and High-Hand beavertail for the highest possible grip, and a no-snag trigger guard. Standard features of the Springfield XD Mod.2 Pistols consist of a grip safety and the Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) Action Trigger System which prevents the trigger from accidentally or unintentionally moving in a rearward direction.


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