Sig Sauer P220, 10mm, 5, Legion, Gray, SAO, X-Ray 3, Black G10 Grip, (3) 8rd Mag Pistol 220R5-10-LEGION-SAO For Sale -

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Sig Sauer P220 10mm Black Pistol 220R5-10-LEGION-SAO

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Possibly the most versatile handgun so far this century, Sig Sauer’s P320 is a perfect example of the innovation that Sig Sauer has become known for. The P320 pistol's modular design allows the shooter to quickly and easily change not just the caliber but the size and fit of the handgun. It’s the P320’s versatility and Sig Sauer’s proven reputation of producing reliable and accurate firearms that secured the P320 the coveted position as the pistol that will replace the Beretta M9 as the United States Military’s primary service pistol in the form of the XM17(Full Size) and XM18(Carry Size).

What's the secret behind the P320's modularity? Well, it's not a secret just a very fresh take on the modular handgun system, the steel chassis that houses the trigger, striker, ejector, and few other components is serialized, allowing the one gun to be configured to meet the requirements of any mission, fulfilling Sig Sauers promise in being The Complete Systems Provider.

Additional Information

  • Available in Full, Carry, Compact, and Subcompact models
  • Available in 9mm, .357 Sig, and .40 S&W
  • Unthreaded and Threaded Barrel Options
  • Simple&nbsp
  • Striker Fired
  • Lightwieght Polymer Grip Modules
  • Molded Accessory Rail
  • Intutitive Dissasembly
  • Internal Safetys and Loaded Chamber Indicator
  • Winner of the 2016 American Rifleman Handgun of the Year Award


Poroduct Catalog 2020



Caliber:10mm AUTO
Weight:30.4 oz.
Action:Single Action Only - Semi-Automatic
Sights:X-Ray 3 Day/Night Sights
Magazines Included:(3) 8 Round
Magazine Capacity:8 Round
Grips:Black G10
Slide Finish:Legion Gray
Frame Finish:Legion Gray
Barrel Length:4.4"
Pistol Night Sights:Yes
Pistol Optics Ready:No
Item Condition:New
Sig Sauer P220 10mm Black Pistol 220R5-10-LEGION-SAO
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