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Sauer 202 Barrels

JP Sauer Barrels

One of the unique and versatile features of the Sauer 202 rifle is the ability to easily and quickly change calibers.  We stock a variety of Sauer 202 barrels in numerous calibers and configurations.  These barrels are available in many calibers, barrel weights, lengths, with or sans sights and in fluted or round contours.  The barrels are available in blued finishes, the Sauer proprietary Illaflon coating for the ultimate rust prevention and with camouflage finishes.  Barrels specific to the Sauer 202 Take Down model require knowledge of the Sauer 202 rifle system and we are equipped to advise you on the proper choice based on your needs.   Please call us at (866) 271-7212 to discuss your needs or if you have any questions.