Pulsar IR Illuminators

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Pulsar IR Illuminators

Pulsar Infrared IR Illuminator helps in increasing efficiency of night vision devices in low light conditions. IR Illuminator remains invisible to the unaided eye and therefore operates in stealth IR range. These IR illuminators from Pulsar come with smooth power adjustment, adjustable spot IR position, beam focusing, and weaver mounting facilities. Pulsar IR Illuminators feature Pulsar-940 IR Illuminator, Pulsar-805 IR Illuminator, Pulsar-940 IR Illuminator, Pulsar AL-915 IR Illuminator, and Pulsar X-850 IR Illuminator. Pulsar has built their IR illuminators from finest materials and that’s why always meets the highest standards. Check out the available models of Pulsar Infrared IR Illuminators on sale at Scopelist.com.

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