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Unlocking Savings: The 2023 Mississippi Second Amendment Weekend (MSAW)

If you're wondering what qualifies for the tax-free weekend in Mississippi and whether there's a Second Amendment tax holiday, you're in the right place.

What qualifies for a tax-free weekend in Mississippi?

The Mississippi Second Amendment Weekend (MSAW) is a sales tax holiday from 12:01 AM on Friday, August 25, to 12:00 PM on Sunday, August 27, 2023. During this period, sales tax is not collected on selling firearms, ammunition, and certain hunting supplies. These supplies include archery equipment, holsters, rifle scopes, red dots, and binoculars – essential tools for avid hunters and sports shooters alike. However, it's important to note that general hunting supplies are not exempt from taxation.

Is there a Second Amendment tax holiday in Mississippi?

Yes, indeed. The MSAW holiday was passed during the 2014 Legislative Session and has since become a much-anticipated event for Mississippi residents and visitors alike. The Mississippi state sales tax rate currently stands at 7%, but please be aware that the total tax rate can reach 8%, depending on local municipalities.

This year, take advantage of the 2023 Mississippi Second Amendment Weekend (MSAW) to stock up on firearms, ammunition, rifle scopes, red dots, and binoculars while enjoying a temporary respite from sales tax. To explore the exciting world of firearms accessories and optics, check out the fantastic selection on the Scopelist website. It's the perfect opportunity to enhance your gear and save money during this tax-free weekend.

For a comprehensive list of eligible items and detailed rules and regulations, check out the official State of Mississippi Sales Tax Holiday PDF.

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