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March Genesis Scopes

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March Genesis Scopes

When it comes to Extreme Long Range, nothing beats the March Genesis 6-60x56 Riflescope. Not only does the Genesis feature a massive magnification range but the scope allows for an incredible 400 MOA elevation adjustment range! The Genesis differs from most other riflescopes in one major factor – the reticle itself cannot be adjusted, any adjustments to the point of impact are made with adjustments to the integral scope base/mount. This is what allows the Genesis to feature such travel range for both elevation and windage! The integrated scope base/mount is 150 MOA, allowing for 50 MOA of downward travel and 350 MOA of upward travel!

In addition to the powerful mechanics of the March Genesis 6-60x56 Riflescope, the optics of the scope utilizes March’s HighMaster Lens System with the Super Extra-low Dispersion formula that allows for superior correction of chromatic aberration. Because of this, the resulting sight picture when using the Highmaster Lens System allows for unparalleled edge-to-edge clarity and true-to-life hues. As well as the HighMaster Lens System, the Genesis scope also features another new scope technology – the Temperature Anti-Drift Lens System. This allows the scope to combat the effects of extreme environmental changes in temperature by altering the refractive index of the lenses. The materials used in the Temperature Anti-Drift Lens System ultimately result in a scope that better naturally adapts to environmental changes to keep you on target longer.

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