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LPVO (Low Power Variable Optics)

Shop all of the best Low Power Variable Optics (LPVOs) here. LPVOs are a great choice for short to mid range tactical and hunting applications. The 1x magnification on the low end allows users to to quickly engage close range and moving targets, similar to a red dot. The higher end of the magnification range allows users to better identify distant targets and make longer range shots. While not as fast as a red dot for close quarters use (due to the limited eyebox inherent with all magnified optics) and not as easy to use at longer ranges (due to the limited magnification), LPVOs are an excellent jack of all trades optic.

LPVOs are commonly used on tactical duty/defensive rifles, competition rifles (3-gun, 2-gun, etc.), and sometimes even on hunting rifles, especially dangerous game hunting rifles.

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