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Kenetrek Chukka Boot KE-0625-3

Kenetrek Chukka Boot KE-0625-3 is a lightweight boot that you can use at home, cabin, or soccer game. These boots come with 6oz leather that wraps securely around the ankle, helping you feel that you’re wearing all-leather footwear. Even after long hours of wearing, they’ll never smell bad, thanks to the form-fitting, removable cushion insoles as well as activated charcoal.

Kenetrek Chukka Boots are your perfect rainy day footwear that comes with handmade, non-tracking Tractor Tread rubber outsoles. Kenetrek KE-0625-3 Chukka Boots have steel shank rubber bottoms as well as traditional Tractor Tread rubber outsoles. They’re non-marking in nature and don’t track mud when you move inside your home.

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