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IWI Pistols

IWI or the Israel Weapon Industries is the maker of legendary pistols suitable for military as well as civilian use across the globe. The lineup is inclusive of the IWI UZI Pro pistols and the IWI Jericho 941 pistols. While the UZI Pro is a lightweight magazine fed firearm, the Jericho 941 is a semi-automatic pistol. The former is blow back operated, shoulder or hip weapon, and the latter is standard, short and compact, with steel or polymer frames. UZI Pro pistols take their cue from the world famous UZI Sub Machine Gun and can be fired in automatic or semi automatic modes. They have UZI Mini and UZI Micro variants (in semi and full auto versions). Jericho 941 pistols, on the other hand, include slide or frame mounted safety. They are the standard pistol of the Israeli Police. In addition to that, they are renowned all over the world and have been extremely popular with the Americans for more than 25 years.

These IWI pistols amalgamate a number of attributes to render firearms that provide extraordinary performance and reliability. The original Galil Ace Assault Rifles was introduced in the late 1960s and has been continuously improved for over 45 years.

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