Holosun HE407C-GR-X2 Green 2 MOA Dot Only Open Reflex Sight with Solar Failsafe and Shake Awake HE407C-GR-X2


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Holosun HE407C-GR-X2 Green 2 MOA Dot Only Open Reflex Sight with Solar Failsafe and Shake Awake HE407C-GR-X2

The Holosun HE407C-GR-X2 Green Dot 2 MOA Dot Open Reflex Sight HE407C-GR-X2 is a pinnacle of optic technology, featuring a precise 2 MOA Green Dot reticle for optimal accuracy. The green dot option enhances visibility, particularly in challenging lighting conditions. Equipped with Solar Failsafe technology, it maximizes battery efficiency, and Shake Awake ensures instant activation with movement. The sight's durable construction, including CNC-machined housing, ensures longevity and resilience. With user-friendly controls and a sleek design, the Holosun HE407C-GR-X2 Reflex Sight provides a reliable and efficient solution for various shooting scenarios. This optic is a testament to Holosun's commitment to innovation, precision, and adaptability.

The Holosun 407 Reflex Sights represent a line of cutting-edge red dot sights renowned for their precision and innovation. These compact optics boast a 2 MOA or 6 MOA dot reticle, ensuring accuracy in various shooting scenarios. With Shake Awake technology, the sight activates with the slightest movement, while Solar Failsafe harnesses solar power for efficient battery management. The durable construction features CNC-machined housing, and the multicoated lens provides a clear, distortion-free sight picture.

The Holosun 407 Reflex Sights offer a reliable and user-friendly solution for beginners and seasoned shooters, combining advanced features with a compact design for optimal performance.

Models Reticle Reticle Color Product
Holosun HS407K-X2 6 MOA Red Dot Holosun HS407K-X2 Compact 6MOA Dot Only Open Reflex Sight - Shake Awake
Holosun HE407K-GR-X2 6 MOA Green Dot Holosun HE407K-GR-X2 6MOA Green Dot-Only Open Reflex Sight - Shake Awake
Holosun HS407C-X2 2 MOA Red Dot Holosun HS407C-X2 2MOA Dot Only Open Reflex Sight - Solar Failsafe, and Shake Awake
Holosun HE509T-GR-X2 2 MOA Green Dot Holosun HE407C-GR-X2 Green 2MOA Dot Only Open Reflex Sight - Solar Failsafe, and Shake Awake

Features of Holosun 407 Reflex Sights:

  • Multi-Reticle: 2 MOA Dot & 6 MOA Circle for precision and quick target acquisition.
  • Shake Awake Technology For K Series: Instant activation with minimal movement, ensuring the sight is ready when you are.
  • Solar Failsafe & Shake-Awake For C Series: Efficient battery management activates with minimal movement for reliability.
  • Multilayer Reflective Glass: Distortion-free, clear-sight picture in diverse lighting conditions for enhanced accuracy.
  • Compact Design: Streamlined and compact, the Holosun 407 series is ideal for a wide range of firearms.

Included in the box

  • Multi Tool
  • User Manual
  • Lens Cloth


Weight:1.5 oz
Length1.78 inches
Mount:Not Included
Magnification Range:1x
Reticle Size2 MOA
Reticle ColorGreen
Parallax Adjustment:Free
Eye Relief:Unlimited
Adjustment Graduation1 MOA
Elevation Adjustment±50 MOA
Windage Adjustment±50 MOA
Package IncludesT10 L Key
User Manual
Lens Cloth
CR1632 Battery
Dimensions:1.78 x 1.15 x 1.15 inches
Night Vision CompatibleYes
Brightness Settings2 NVD 10 DL
Battery Type:CR1632
Battery Life:Up to 50,000 Hours
Item Condition:New
Product TypeShop All Reflex
BrandShop All Holosun
Date First AvailableAugust 18, 2020
Last UpdatedJune 24, 2024

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