Holosun DRS-NV Digital Night Vision & Reflex Fusion Sight DRS-NV


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Holosun DRS-NV Digital Night Vision & Reflex Fusion Sight

The Holosun DRS-NV Digital Night Vision & Reflex Fusion Sight DRS-NV that combines red dot sight technology with digital night vision features. Holosun DRS-NV includes an LED Multi-Reticle System, a high-resolution night vision sensor with an 8x digital zoom, and supports digital image/video recording. Powered by a rechargeable 18350 battery, it also features a USB-C connector for charging and data transfer. This fusion sight offers versatility for various applications, making it a cutting-edge optic solution.

The Holosun DRS-NV (Digital Reflex Sight-Night Vision) is an advanced optic device that merges Holosun's red dot sight technology with digital night vision capabilities. It incorporates an LED Multi-Reticle System (MRS) offering two digital reticle options, providing flexibility for various shooting scenarios. The device boasts a high-resolution digital night vision sensor with a 1024x768 resolution, supporting up to 60 frames per second and an 8x digital zoom function.

In addition to its night vision capabilities, the Holosun DRS-NV includes features such as digital image and video recording with on-board storage. It is powered by an 18350 rechargeable battery, promoting sustainability and convenience. The optic also includes an on-board USB-C connector, facilitating both recharging of the battery and the downloading of recorded images and videos. This fusion of red dot sight technology and digital night vision makes the Holosun DRS-NV a versatile and cutting-edge optic for various applications.

Holosun DRS-NV Features:

  • Red Dot Sight w/ Fusion Night Vision Overlay - 60FPS Overlay Refresh Rate
  • Digital Zoom Up To 8x
  • Internal Video Recording System
  • Multiple Reticle SystemTM (MRS): 65 MOA Circle & 2 MOA Dot; 2 MOA Dot; 65 MOA Circle
  • Cross or T Style Night Vision Reticles


ModelHolosun DRS
Magnification Range:8x
Reticle Size2 MOA Dot
65 MOA Circle-Dot
Reticle ColorRed
Night Vision CompatibleYes
Brightness Settings4 NVD 8 DL
Battery Type:(x1) 18350 rechargeable battery
Battery Life:Approximately 2.5 hours
Item Condition:New
Product TypeShop All Reflex
BrandShop All Holosun
Date First AvailableJanuary 18, 2023
Last UpdatedMay 17, 2024

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