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Desert Tactical Arms HTI Rifles

Desert Tactical Arms HTI Rifles

The Desert Tactical Arms Hard Target Interdiction Rifle (DTA HTI) is the most compact and portable large caliber sniper rifle on the planet; it’s over a foot shorter than conventional sniper rifles and maintains complete accuracy. Its multi-caliber capability allows snipers to use the best extreme distance sniper round currently available, including the: .50 BMG and the .375 Cheytac.

The DTA HTI utilizes a bullpup configuration and collapsible bolt design. The compact design shifts the weight rearward, creating not only a shorter combat ready weapon, but also achieves better balance. Designed to operate reliably under the harshest conditions, the DTA HTA utilizes high-impact polymers, aircraft grade aluminum, ultra high-strength steel, and the strongest coatings on the market today. Stock panels surround operating components and attach directly to the receiver which acts as a full length mounting chassis, eliminating the need for any sort of bedding. The Desert Tactical HTI sustains its accuracy and reliability in virtually any environment: subzero temperatures, extreme heat and dust, to moisture of oceans and jungles.

Desert Tactical HTI calibers: .50 BMG, .375 Cheytac ( .408 Cheytac and .416 Barrett coming soon!)

Desert Tactical HTI Features:

  • Multiple calibers to better suit mission requirements and utilize available ammo
  • Snipers only have to learn one system to deliver multiple calibers
  • Operator level maintenance enhanced by user friendly weapon
    Desert Tactical Arms HTI Manual
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