Dead Air 9mm P-Series Piston 1/2-28 DA401


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Dead Air's 9mm P-Series Piston: A Must-Have Accessory for Your Firearm

If you own a Dead Air Primal, Wolfman, or Ghost 45 suppressor and want to expand the range of firearms that you can use with it, getting additional pistons is an excellent option.

Pistons are a crucial component of suppressors, as they attach the suppressor to the barrel of the firearm. Each firearm has a unique thread pattern, so it's essential to select the correct piston for each firearm that you plan to use with your suppressor.

By purchasing additional pistons, you can use your suppressor on a wider range of firearms, adding versatility to your shooting experience. This is particularly useful if you own multiple firearms and want to use the same suppressor across all of them.

When selecting additional pistons, it's important to choose the right thread pattern for each firearm. Also, ensure that the diameter of the piston matches the caliber of the firearm that you plan to use it with.

Getting additional pistons for your Primal, Wolfman, or Ghost 45 suppressor is an excellent way to increase the versatility of your suppressor, allowing you to use it with a wide variety of firearms. This provides you with more shooting options and a better overall shooting experience. So, consider adding additional pistons to your suppressor and enjoy the benefits of increased versatility.

Used in conjunction with the P-Series booster assembly (sold separately).

Compatible Silencer:

Dead Air Wolfman
Dead Air Ghost 45
Dead Air Primal with P-Series adapter

Compatible Adapter:

P-Series Booster Assembly

Dead Air P-Series Piston

MPN Thread Pitch Description
DA401 1/2-28 9mm P-Series Piston 1/2-28 DA401
DA402 M13.5x1LH 9mm P-Series Piston M13.5x1LH DA402
DA403 9/16-24 .40 Cal P-Series Piston 9/16-24 DA403
DA404 M14.5x1LH .40 Cal P-Series Piston M14.5x1LH DA404
DA405 578-28 .45 Cal P-Series Piston 578-28 DA405
DA406 M16x1LH .45 Cal P-Series Piston M16x1LH DA406
DA407 M16x1RH .45 Cal P-Series Piston M16x1RH DA407


ModelP-Series Piston

Compatible Adapter :

 P-Series Booster Assembly

Compatible Silencer :

Ghost 45
Primal with P-Series adapter
Item Condition:New
Product TypeShop All Silencer Mounts
BrandShop All Dead Air Armament
Date First AvailableApril 04, 2022
Last UpdatedJanuary 11, 2024

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