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Cadex Defense Field Tactical Chassis

Cadex' Field Tactical chassis was designed primarily with law enforcement sharpshooter personnel in mind. The primary difference between this series and some of Cadex' other chassis is a fixed, rather than folding, butt stock. This is a feature that appeals to many shooters, if for nothing more than the slight weight savings that it has over a same-model chassis with a folding stock, as well as the completely solid arrangement which may have some advantages over a folding design. At 5.5 - 5.58 lbs., these chassis fall within the mid-range of weight offered by Cadex.


  • Tool-free, fully-adjustable, skeletonized stock
  • Monopod rail
  • Oversized trigger guard and magazine release, enabling gloved-shooting without issue
  • Ergo grip (rubberized, finger-grooved)
  • Aluminum detachable base, permitting easy access for trigger adjustment
  • Full-length, 20 MOA top rail, which attaches to fore end
  • Fore end permits attachment of accessory rails at 3-, 6-, and 9-o'clock positions
  • Sleeves are available to permit use of many popular magazines
  • Short action chassis weigh 5.50 lbs.
  • Long action chassis weigh 5.58 lbs.

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