Burris Eliminator VI 4-20x52mm X177 Riflescope 200177


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Burris 200177 Eliminator VI 4-20x52mm X177 Riflescope

The Burris Eliminator VI 4-20x52mm X177 Riflescope 200177 is an advanced hunting riflescope featuring a built-in rangefinder with a 2,000-yard range, heads-up display (HUD) for ballistic and rifle data, and Bluetooth connectivity for customization via the BurrisConnect App. The Burris 200177 riflescope uses high-performance fully multi-coated HD glass, and its X177 reticle with 177 micro LEDs offers a 1/6 MOA aiming solution with automatic magnification adjustment. The Burris Eliminator 6 5x zoom system provides versatility, and the side fine focus/parallax adjustment knob ensures optimal clarity. Environmental sensors automatically select ballistic databases based on density altitude for accurate calculations. In essence, the Burris Eliminator Laser Scopes are a sophisticated and effective riflescope, making it a must-have for hunters who prioritize precision in every shot.

Eliminator 6 4-20x52mm Features

  • Instant and precise range determination up to 2000+ yards on reflective targets and 1400 yards on deer hide.
  • Ranging is initiated by placing the reticle on the target, pressing the ranging button, and the distance is promptly displayed on the heads-up display (HUD).
  • Environmental Monitoring:
  • Equipped with a built-in thermometer, barometer, and inclinometer for continuous real-time environmental data.
  • Automatic measurement of density altitude, with the option for manual selection.
  • Utilizes environmental data to compute ballistics solutions via the Burris Connect app's extensive database.
  • Ballistic Compensation:
  • Employs user-uploaded ballistic solutions via the BurrisConnect app.
  • Seamless Bluetooth connectivity between the scope and mobile device facilitates the creation of an internal DOPE card.
  • Customizable profiles for diverse firearms, ranging from muzzleloaders to precision rifles.
  • Precise Aiming Solutions:
  • The digital DOPE card collaborates with the illuminated X177 reticle to exhibit accurate holdover aiming points.
  • Offers an impressive 177 aim points with 1/5 MOA precision, ensuring consistent point-of-aim/point-of-impact performance.
  • Windage hold-off points seamlessly integrated into the reticle.
  • Comprehensive User Interface:
  • The HUD presents a maximum of 10 data points, with customization options available through the Burris Connect app.
  • Information is categorized into zones that users can toggle on or off based on their preferences.
  • Allows users to interchange ranged distance and wind hold value according to personal choices.
  • Digital Guard Rails:
  • Displays bullet velocity and energy at the specific ranged distance.
  • Encourages responsible hunting practices by indicating when the shot distance might exceed ethical limits or if
  • Features a Shotcall Indicator (SCI) that exhibits an "X" if user-defined ballistic terminal performance is considered inadequate at the given ranged distance.

  • Specs

    Scope Weight:30 oz
    Scope Length:14.6 inches
    Magnification Range:4-20x
    Scope Objective Lens Diameter:52mm
    Scope Outer Diameter60.1mm
    Scope Tube Size / Mount34mm
    Scope Turret Adjustment:1/8 MOA
    Elevation Adjustment40 MOA
    Elevation Turret Details:Click Value: 1/8 MOA
    Windage Adjustment40 MOA
    Windage Turret Details:Click Value: 1/8 MOA
    Parallax Adjustment:25 Yd. to Infinity
    Reticle Position:Second Focal Plane
    Reticle Details:X177 Eliminator 6
    Field of View:Low 30.5 ft. - High 6.5 ft
    Eye Relief:3.4 inches
    Illuminated Reticle:Yes, Auto or 9 Levels
    Item Condition:New
    Product TypeShop All Scopes
    BrandShop All Burris
    Date First AvailableJanuary 11, 2024
    Last UpdatedMay 13, 2024

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