Bergara Premier Series Ridgeback 28 Nosler Threaded Bbl 26" Rifle BPR22-28N For Sale -

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Bergara Premier Series Ridgeback 28 Nosler Threaded Bbl 26" Rifle BPR22-28N

Think of Bergara’s Premiere Series as an extension of their Custom series, but with the standardized features for greater efficiencies in part production and assembly-providing near custom performance at prices that are affordable to serious shooters.

Bergara’s premium stainless steel barrels receive a proprietary honing process at their barrel-making facility in Bergara, Spain. Then, at the Bergara USA factory, the barrel receives a Cerakote™ finish and is coupled with their proprietary Bergara PREMIERE action, featuring a non-rotating gas shield, coned bolt nose and sliding plate extractor.

Premiere Series rifles are built by hand and offer each shooter a wide variety of stock options. Choose from multiple carbon fiber, fiberglass, composite, and precision machined chassis stock offerings. All Premiere Series rifles are built around legendary Bergara barrels and feature world famous TriggerTech® triggers, among the other industry-best components. All rifles are hand assembled in house by Bergara’s qualified builders to their exacting standards and precise specifications and a guaranteed to produce sub-MOA groups using factory ammunition.


  • 2 locking lugs located on the front of the bolt head
  • Sliding plate extractor
  • 90° bolt throw angle
  • Tool-less removal of firing assembly
  • 2-Position safety is part of the trigger assembly. It allows the rifle to be unloaded while in the safe position
  • Non-rotating gas shield behind the bolt head protects the shooter from gas and debris in the event of a case or primer rupture


Caliber:28 Nosler
Weight:10.7 lbs.
Rifle Overall Length:46"
Action:Bergara Premier Bolt Action
Trigger:TriggerTech® triggers with Frictionless Release Technology
Safety:Two Position Safety
Rifle Barrel Length:26"
Rifle Barrel Twist:1:10
Rifle Stock:Fiberglass
Scope Mount:Fits Remington 700 bases with 8 X 40 screws
Magazines Included:AICS style detachable 5 round mag
Barrel Thread Pitch:5/8-24"
Iron SightsNo
Handedness:Right Hand
Item Condition:New
Bergara Premier Series Ridgeback 28 Nosler Threaded Bbl 26" Rifle BPR22-28N
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