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Benelli ETHOS

Benelli ETHOS

Benelli Ethos Shotgun is a sophisticated semi-automatic 12-gauge firearm based on the brand’s newest innovations, improvements and designs. It comes with a host of important features and the list is inclusive of Inertia Driven System, Progressive Comfort recoil reduction system, remarkably figured AA-Grade satin walnut stock, ability to cycle the lightest loads (even 7/8 ounce), enhanced ergonomics, and two-part carrier latch for quick and convenient loading. Standard attributes of Benelli Ethos Shotguns consist of Flush Crio Chokes & Wrench, Ergonomic Trigger Guard and Safety, Rotating Bolt Head, Removable Trigger Assembly, Shim Kit and Custom Hard Gun Case.

Also in the offing is an interchangeable fiber optic sight, cartridge drop lever that is easy to access and anti-seize magazine cap. While the Inertia Driven system is devoid of adjustments, the recoil reduction system is equipped with three sets of interlocking flexible buffers. The Crio system is rendered complete with cryogenically treated barrel and choke tubes for enhanced pattern density.

Benelli ETHOS for sale is available as 12-Gauge, 20-Gauge and 28-Gauge, and chambered for 2-¾ inches and 3 inches. Select from the following lineup to own your very own Benelli firearm platform and place your order now.

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