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Talley Rings


Talley Rings

  • The Talley Fixed Ring System evolved from the Talley Quick-Detachable System. This ring set-up is for the shooter who prefers the sleek profile of a non-detachable vertically split ring. It is subject to the same quality control as all Talley products.

    Using larger screws and no moving parts, this system is as rigid as it looks. Utilizing the same double recoil shoulder base as the detachable rings, the Talley Fixed Ring System will also stand up to the most brutal of magnum cartridges.

    The Talley Fixed Ring System provides hunters and shooters a very secure ring set-up at a reasonable price.Talley
  • Talley Quick-Detachable Scope Rings are famous for precise tolerances. CNC automated equipment and stringent quality control have vaulted Talley products to the top of the scope ring industry. Simply said, Talley scope rings are the best.

    Talley ring system provides repeatability, flexiblity, strength, and durability for the most discriminating of sportsmen. Repeatability and flexibility go hand in hand with Talley scope rings. Repeatability allows you to remove and replace your scope with the confidence that it will return to zero. Flexibility allows you to carry more than one pre-sighted scope for your firearm, and also provides ease of removal of your scopes during the rough travel.

    A clever scope mount is useless if it is weak. The Talley Quick-Detachable System is as strong or stronger than any fixed system available. Guaranteed. Talley Quick-Detachable Rings are very simple, with only one moving part. For a Quick-Detachable System to function properly it must lock up as solidly as a fixed system. Talley mounts do!

    Whether you use the lever or the screw-lock detachable system, be assured that Talley rings will hold your scope firmly under the toughest of conditions and maintain its zero every time you replace it.

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