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.300 WSM Rifles are firearms that are particularly built in compatibility with .300 WSM, a .30 caliber rebated rim bottlenecked centerfire short magnum cartridge. The .300 Winchester Short Magnum cartridge, having bullet diameter of (.308 or 7.62mm) that is common to most U.S. .30 caliber cartridges, was brought into existence in the year 2001 by Winchester. Its performance is similar to that of its predecessor, the .300 Winchester Magnum (also known as 300 Win Mag), and the ballistics are nearly identical. But the .300 WSM needs a lighter rifle and shorter action. The popular cartridge is an esteemed choice for shooters, for hunting moose, black bear, brown bear, elk, mule deer, and white-tailed deer in forests and plains where long range, flat shots are required. It is also put in use in benchrest shooting.

Take your pick from the vast array of .300 WSM Rifles for sale from manufacturers such as Tikka, Christensen Arms, Sako, MOA, Mauser, Accuracy International, Kimber and many more. Buy now and enjoy superior accuracy and reliable results every time you’re in action.

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