Sako Rifles

Sako Rifles

Sako Rifles have acquired a legendary status for delivering extreme levels of accuracy and dependability. The Sako firearms lineup comprises Sako Tactical Rifles, Sako Hunting Rifles, Sako TRG, Sako 85 and a diverse selection of rifles to complement the user's hunting style or use, and exceed his expectations. The list of Sako firearms models is as follows:

Sako TRG-22
Chambered in .260 Remington and .308 Winchester, this one is a short action field tactical precision rifle.

Sako TGR-42
Similar to Sako TRG-22 but equipped with a long action chambered in 300 Winchester Magnum and 338 Lapua magnum.

Sako Finnlight
Crafted on a stainless action with shorter fluted barrel along with soft touch synthetic stock.

Sako Bavarian
The quintessential European style with one set trigger is replicated on a Sako 85 blued action with round barrel.

Sako Bavarian Carbine
Same classic style and layout like the Sako Bavarian, with a full length stock as the main difference.

Sako Black Bear
Manufactured on the Sako 85 blued action and barrel, comes with a semi heavy fluted barrel along with a composite stock.

Sako Classic
Blued action and round barrel that flaunts a classic walnut stock which in turn has a rosewood tip.

Sako Grey Wolf
Crafted on a stainless action with a round barrel and grey wood laminated stock, this one's the all-condition rifle.

Sako Kodiak
Same like the Sako Grey Wolf.

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