Meopta Spotting Scopes

Meopta Spotting Scopes

The optically brilliant Meopta Spotting Scopes serve as a great observation tool. They prove to be useful for both consumers and the military, and are suitable for nature viewers, ornithologists, hunters and target shooters.

Highlighting a long tradition of excellence, the Meopta Spotting Scope lineup take into account multi-layer antireflective coatings on all glass-air surfaces; special coating on roof prisms for ultimate light transmission levels; Meo-Antirain coating for outstanding water resistance; ergonomic design; extreme durability; compact, lightweight and waterproof construction; and the ability to deliver an all-weather performance.

Meopta Spotting Scopes line is inclusive of the Meopta Meopro 80 HD, and the Meopta Meostar Spotting Scope series which is also known as S2 Spotting Scopes.

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