Saturday July 15th 2017, EOTECH introduces a mail-in rebate program on its holographic weapon sights, magnifiers, and Vudu rifle scopes. For a limited time, customers will be able to submit rebate claims for up to $175.00 in savings when they purchase a limit of two qualifying products per rebate category.

Offer valid July 15, 2017, through November 30, 2017. Rebate claim must be postmarked by December 30, 2017.

See promotion details for terms and conditions.

  • $75 rebate - HWS, HHS, G33
  • $125 rebate - Vudu 1-6X
  • $175 rebate - Vudu 2.5-10X or 3.5-18X

Once the purchase has been made, there are two easy ways to submit your rebate:

(Complete details regarding the eligibility of specific models, as well as the rules and requirements for the rebate can be found on the website and are included on the printable form.)

EOTech weapon sights and accessories enhance the performance of your arsenal like none other. They belong to the world’s most advanced weapon accessories lineup and are made to cater to the requirements of defense, law enforcement and homeland security. The well known pioneer of gun sights also produces optical sighting instruments suitable for hunting and recreational shooting applications.

With many of EOTech’s technology still being exclusive, the product line of EOTech Sights is inclusive of Holographic Weapon Sights, Tactical Lights & Lasers, Thermal Vision Devices, Night Vision Devices and more.

EOTech Holographic Sights

Different from typical rifle scope, these incorporate a laser to light up the etched reticle (hologram) that is essentially set between two pieces of glass.

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